Friday, June 2, 2017


                                                   Hope Restored Farm

             The Bells are wonderful people. The first day I went to visit their farm I felt so welcomed and loved. When I was talking to Susan she kept saying she wants their farm to be a relaxing place if you ever need a break from your daily routine. They call their farm Hope Restored and now that I have spent so much time with them I truly believe that this is the perfect name for it. It really does show hope being restored and you can feel so much love from their place.
Baby chicks in their little cage before being released.
At this point they are very close to each other and never apart.

Eight chicks surround together to enjoy the warm sun and cool water. This was just a few days after they were released in the coop with the older chickens. They've grown so much.

The lucky chick is what they call this one because it almost didn't survive its younger days.
Now it is the smallest chick out of all of them.

Susan loving on her baby chick. She loves every animal they have and cares for them so well.

The chickens love to roam around in their little coop and every once in awhile they will fight each other. The older chickens will try to pick on the new chicks that just joined in with them. I think they want to feel a sense of empowerment. 

This here is Henry the rooster who was born and raised on the Bell's farm. This rooster is very special to Susan Bell because they've had him for a long time.

"The chicken may cross the road, but nobody crosses the chicken." -Chicken 

Heres where Susan spends the most to create a welcoming garden to all.

The well grown plants in the garden.

Here is the man made fridge that contains all of Susan's home made jams and vegetables.
She treasures this part of the house very much.

Baby goat trying to find more food to eat.
They are always hungry, even hungry enough to try eating your clothes. 

Hope the goat is her name. Every opportunity she has to come up to a camera she will take.

When it comes to feeding the goats, momma comes first.

The cows in the distance.

Susan is always so hard working. There is never a day where she isn't working.

With every smile she has, she lightens up your day.
Susan is a one of a kind person and is always so loving to others.

Nalla the dog loves to stay close to the goats and protect them from any harm that could come their way.

Nalla wanting to come out in the great beyond.
Hoping that I will see her sad face and feel guilty.

Nalla giving a big smile after they shaved her for the summer. 

Susan's cat who spends too much time inside and too little outside.
She used to get rid of all the mice and now that she's used to the indoors she will never go back.

Their very cool house that is filled with antiques and things from thrift stores.
The Bells are trying to make their home an unique and old fashioned styled home.

You can catch Susan riding this all around the property.

Their beautiful blue house.
If you ever see this house just stop by and say hi, the Bells are a very nice family and always want to meet new faces.

Heres where Jerry and only Jerry parks.

The Bells spend long hours of every day of the week to make sure their farm is always in good shape. They wish for it to be a place where people can come and relax while watching the goats play and chickens cluck. 

Monday, May 22, 2017


5:30 A.M.
I had so much fun taking these photos. I thought it would be way too early but it ended up being very nice and peaceful.